Winter Warm Up

We have been iced in for the last two days and it is just miserable and dreary and cold!
So I whipped this up to help my body feel warmer even though we haven’t been above freezing for a few days.
And yes, I realize that I am a wimp, but these bones were made for tropical beaches, not frozen tundras!

Winter Warm Up
Diffuser Blend

3 drops Douglas Fir (Pine) (Pseudotsuga menzies)
3 drops Marjoram (Origanum majorana)
1 drop Black Pepper (Piper nigrum)

As always, make sure this isn’t too many drops for your diffuser before adding or make a master if you are frozen solid like me.

This recipe IS safe for kids!  Most warming oils are not – clove, cinnamon, nutmeg – because they irritate the skin, which is the warming mechanism.  But these oils aren’t irritating.  Marjoram is wonderful at creating a cozy cocoon around you.


For Douglas fir, you can sub any pine, fir, or spruce you have available.  I think that Cypress would also be very nice for scent.

Ahhh, marjoram.  I don’t know if there is a sub for marjoram that would work nearly as well.  Marjoram is one of my must-haves.  I can’t do without it because it is like the child-safe Swiss Army Knife of my Oil Toolbox.  It’s excellent for pain, warming, calming, balancing the smell of a blend.  If you pushed, I’d say maybe Thyme ct. linalool, but you won’t get the same warming factor with Sweet Thyme as you will with Marjoram.

Black Pepper.  Another almost irreplaceable oil.  You could do Clove or Cinnamon, but those options are not safe for kids.

So make this blend, pull a chair near your diffuser, and warm your bones!

Happy Diffusing!


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