Tuesday Tips: Diffusing Safety

  1. On Tuesdays, I’m going to try to give you guys some aromatherapy tips, probably centered around safety because of the surplus of unsafe usage ‘tips’ floating around the internet.

Since I’ve been giving several diffuser recipes, I thought I’d start with diffuser safety.

One of my favorite diffusers

So, you typically diffuse for the oils, right?  So let’s go there first.  Please, please, PLEASE consider the safety of the oil before diffusing.  Diffusion gets oils through the entire body very quickly, without being broken down by the liver or stomach acids.  It’s extremely effective, so therefore we need to be careful.  Your mucus membranes (what we affectionately call ‘pink parts’ – those sensitive areas around openings in your body) are really sensitive.  So oils that are ‘spicy’ will be even more so on your mucus membranes.  This is especially true in children.  Their little systems actually inhale more per unit of weight than adults do, so diffusion needs to look different for children.  And their skin and mucus membranes are more sensitive than adults.

The rule of thumb is diffuser for 1 hour on, 1-2 hours off.  The reason for this is to prevent sensitization (over exposure which causes an allergic response in the body) and because your body quits smelling it after a while and it’s not really doing much good.

For children under 2, use only the gentlest oils, and only for 15 minutes per hour in a ventilated room.

For children between 2 and 10, I prefer to do 30 minutes of diffusing, but sometimes this isn’t possible (diffusing at night) so I do just a little bit of water and a very small amount of oils (maybe a drop?  Sometimes just a toothpick drop) so it isn’t overwhelming.

If you need help picking a diffuser, check out this post.  I still have all of these diffusers and still love them so I can say with certainty that they are quality devices.


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  1. I’ve been looking at the diffusers on Amazon. Thank you so much for the reviews.

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