The journey begins…



Well, hello!  I’m going to attempt this blogging thing.  I guess the place to start is a little about me.  I’ll go waaaay back so this journey makes a little more sense.

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to work in healthcare.  Unfortunately, in 7th grade, my deepest dream of being a pediatrician went up in smoke because I realized just how much blood and guts made me squeamish.  (I won’t even mention the event that caused this realization, it still makes me gag a little)  A few years later, I landed on dentistry.  No guts, less blood.  Plus, great hours!  I did all the extra courses in biology in high school, interviewed for an elite undergrad/dental school (was not accepted) and started my journey towards being a dentist.

Fast forward to my sophomore year of college.  I met a guy.  Yes, I’m one of those.  I met a guy and fell HARD.   He was an engineering major – smart, funny, athletic – and he had big dreams of owning his own company someday.  Except my plans of needing to stay rooted to start my own dental practice didn’t really fit with his need for flexibility.  And when it came right down to it, I didn’t want my kids in daycare while we both worked more-than-full-time jobs.  So I caved.  I found a new priority and I married that guy just about as quick as I could.  In the meantime, I decided to use the credits I had earned and get a degree in Botany.  I was an odd duck in high school and really enjoyed gardening.  I figured my years of experience playing in the dirt wouldn’t be wasted.  And that degree has been sitting, gathering dust ever since.

Fast forward a little more – 10 years and 4 kids later to be exact.  Essential oils hit the scene.  They are EVERYWHERE, right?  Everybody knows somebody who sells them.  I jump on that bandwagon.  I don’t sell them, but I buy a few and use them pretty regularly.  Drop or two here, drop or two there.  Until the day the sinus infection hits.  I just needed some relief.  My whole body hurt and I needed a relaxing bath.  I put a few drops of eucalyptus in my bath (because that’s what I’d read online to do).  Get in and start feeling a little tingly.  30 seconds go by and I feel like my skin is on fire.  I wanted to claw it off.  I jumped out of the bath and took a shower and used lots and lots of soap to try to rinse off the residue.  I had had my first sensitization reaction.  It’s a defining moment in my life, because it was so painful and because it forced me to look more closely at essential oils and how I used them.

I found some more reliable resources for using essential oils and most importantly, how to use them safely.  So many of the techniques recommended by laypeople are very unsafe.  I found that I had a really unique set of information from my college education – microbiology from my pre-dentistry days and botany.  Both of these lent me a really great background for studying aromatherapy.  I signed up for a few free classes and a few paid classes on what I’ll call “Practical” Aromatherapy.  Practical Aromatherapy is what most of the information on the internet is.  Recipes, maybe some uses for certain oils.  What you would use when looking for a remedy.  The WHAT.  “Scientific” Aromatherapy is the study of the chemistry and the components in each oil, the WHY.  This is what is covered in Aromatherapy Certification.  And for the last year or so, this is what I’ve been wanting to do.  And it is finally happening!  I am enrolling at Aromahead Institute tomorrow!

So, this blog is for those who maybe want to know some safe ways to use essential oils, maybe some fun new recipes, some more technical stuff, and for those thinking about getting a certification.  Most posts won’t be long, just little snip-its and tips to help you on your journey!

I hope you enjoy this journey and will come learn along with me!

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