Sunday Spotlight – Douglas Fir and Silver Fir

This month, Plant Therapy give us a two-for-one deal on the Oil of the Month club!  I love conifers and these two are just lovely.  Bright and clean without overpowering a blend (not like Pine-sol).

I always feel like the men get left out of the blending, so I came up with this one to highlight both Firs in the February OOTM Club 🙂


Manly Man
Diffuser Blend

2 drops Douglas Fir (Pseudolsuga menziesii)
1 drop Lime (Citrus x aurantifolia)
1 drop Sandalwood (Santalum album)
1 drop Silver (White) Fir (Abies alba)

These would be really nice as a body spray or linen spray as well.  Just add these oils to a 2oz bottle with 1 oz of high-proof alcohol (I use cheap vodka).  Let sit for a day and then top off with distilled water.  You could do the same with a homemade deodorant recipe.  Make sure the recipe has at least 1 ounce of oils to keep it safe for topical use.

I call it Manly Man, but this is amazing and not just for men.  And safe for kids.  Would be great for deodorizing the bathroom or kids’ gym bags or rooms!  Fresh and clean smelling.  Yum!

*Note on the Silver/White Fir: I have seen both oils, but some claim they are similar enough that the names are interchangeable.  It happens sometimes.  Even if they are different, the chemical makeup is similar enough to make them interchangeable.


You can sub any pine, fir, or spruce you have for the Firs.  But seriously, you should get at least one of these, they are amazing.

You can sub any citrus for lime.  Orange, Bergamot, or Yuzu for calming, lemon or grapefruit for energy

Sandalwood isn’t cheap, so I don’t use it very often, but a little goes a long way.  If you have it, you can make do with only a toothpick amount in this blend (if you are stingy like me).  You can also get the slightly cheaper Australian Sandalwood.  Not as good for sore throats (what I hoard it for – it’s magical), but works for this.  Or you can sub Cedarwood or Frankincense just fine.

Happy Diffusing!


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