Sunday Spotlight: Calm in the Forest

Even though there is a new Oil of the Month at Plant Therapy for March, I wanted to give one more recipe for February’s Oils of the Month because I really like them.  If you missed February’s OOTM – Douglas and Silver Fir – you can contact Customer Service and they can hook you up with them if they have any left in stock (they usually have plenty).  It’s a good deal for 2 very versatile oils!

This blend is all about calming the mind and releasing stress.  All about emotional health today!

Calm in the Forest
Diffuser Blend

2 drops Douglas Fir (Psuedolsuga menziesii)
1 drop Silver Fir (Abies alba)
1 drop Blue Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

This blend would also make a fantastic personal inhaler for immune support and calming emotions and worries.  Blue Yarrow is also really good for stomach upsets, and the Firs are good for sore muscles, so would be excellent for sickness and upset stomachs.  To make a personal inhaler, just quadruple the recipe on a glass or porcelain plate and soak it up with the inhaler wick, then reassemble the inhaler.  It will last for 1-2 months!


Douglas and Silver Firs: You can substitute Hemlock Spruce, Cypress, or Siberian Fir for these for similar smell and benefits.

You can substitute Finger Root for Blue Yarrow, but the smell will be different.  Finger Root is also calming for the mind and is good for digestive upsets.  Blue Tansy is another option, a little bit pricier, but a nice oil to have in your arsenal.  It’s also great for allergies and skin congestion.

Hoping this one clears away that winter stress!


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