Monoterpenes! (aka: Lesson 1)


Lesson 1 in Aromahead’s certification course was focused on understanding some of the science behind what we’re learning – absorption, reading a GC/MS report, taxonomy, chemotypes, Latin names, and we started Chemical families!  Most of it came pretty easy because I took LOTS of this for Botany.  But the organic chemistry was still as foreign as I remember it in college.  Thankfully, Andrea is a great teacher and only teaches what you need to know about the chemistry (and makes it simple to understand!).  This lesson we focused on Monoterpenes.  That’s a really big word that might sound vaguely familiar if you took Organic Chemistry in college because, well, that’s where it’s from.  Citrus oils and some conifers are high in monoterpenes.  They’re good for antibacterial (especially in the air!), decongesting the respiratory system and loosening tight muscles.  We got to do some blending exercises too!  I had to use what monoterpine-rich oils I had on hand (which was 11 of the 19 listed).  The assignment was to come up with a blend using these oils.  First part of that was establishing the ailment. I made three different blends  – 1 roller, 1 inhaler, and 1 steam master blend.  Each of these were for my husband, whose allergies are out of control.  So I wanted the oils to clear out his sinuses, and stop the drip.  Beyond that, I made the roller with a little extra immune support and antibacterial oils to help keep him from getting sick and I made the steam with some more calming oils since it will be done right before bed.  I’ll share all of those recipes with you, but today I’ll share the Inhaler recipe with you.

Stop the Drip Inhaler

5 drops Ravintsara (cinnamomum camphora ct. 1, 8 cineole) (Use this link to get $10 off your order!)
5 drops Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia)
5 drops Frankincense (Boswelia carterii)

Put all of the drops in a small dish and place the inhaler wick in the dish or hold it upright with tweezers until it absorbs all of the oils.  Put into the inhaler and pop on the cap.

This stuff has a real kick to it!  Frankincense is nourishing for the nasal passages, Tea Tree is good for reducing inflammation (stuffiness), and the Ravintsara is amazing for clearing out the sinuses all the way back and plugging the drip.  (The Ravintsara is not rated for kids under 10, and it can irritate those with asthma.  A good substitute would be Cedarwood – Juniperus virginiana if those apply to you.  Full disclosure – I do have asthma and it hasn’t bothered me, but just be cautious.  I had already tested my body’s reaction to it before I started using the inhaler.)

I’ve been using it this afternoon while waiting for my husband to get home because I was a little stopped up and my head felt stuffy.  Not anymore!  It’s all cleared up and fast!  Enjoy!

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