May Oil of the Month Club Recipe


So, yes, I’m so behind.  I meant to do another recipe last month and I haven’t even done this month’s oil (which is TOTALLY awesome!).  But we’ve had a big birthday party, VBS, and then we have a trip to get ready for.  You know, no big deal – ack!

But, after a loooong day at VBS today, my feet were craving the May Oil of the Month – Eucalyptus dives.  Oh my heavens.  I have found so many uses for this gem.  I can’t wait to share more with you!  It’s comforting, cleansing, and refreshing.  You should get some!

So, back to my feet!  They were ACHING after Day 3 of VBS.  So I got my little tub, filled it with hot water and a lot of Epsom salts and about a teaspoon of fractionated coconut oil and grabbed my E. dives and Sweet marjoram.  Added a drop of each to the FCO and put it in my foot soak.  Heavenly.

My feet feel refreshed and loved and ready for one more day of VBS!

Most people think peppermint for foot health, but I really like the Eucalyptus dives.  It’s minty, but mild and pairs well with the mild warming and super pain relieving factor of sweet marjoram.

So that’s my recipe.  Not much of one, but I am literally still sitting here typing with my feet soaking.  Just keepin’ it real here folks.

Also – ignore my awful pedicaure and nasty injury on my toe.  It’s a chalkboard injury.  Yes, I managed to get a chalkboard injury on my toe.  Because I’m talented.  And yes, my fancy foot bath is those infant bath tubs you get from the hospital.  Only the best for this Aromatherapist.

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