About Me

Growing up, I was in love with the medical professionals. First, pediatrics. Then, after I found out I had a very inconvenient blood aversion, dentistry.

Fast forward to college when I met a very smart, very success-bound engineer. Thinking of my future with someone else, and possibly more, little someones, forced me to reprioritize. So, I quit the pre-med course and used my credits to get a Botany degree. Horticulture had always been a hobby of mine, so it made sense.

Fast forward about 10 years and 4 kids later and I’m dabbling in essential oils like most of the rest of my generation. Use a little here, a little there. Not really doing any kind of research outside of Pinterest. One night, I had really bad sinus congestion. I just wanted to be able to breathe. So I ran a warm bath, dropped a few (several.. Ok, a lot, because more is better, right?) drops of Eucalyptus into the warm water. I got in and started to feel a tingle. Kinda itchy. Another minute goes by and I’m jumping out of the water and frantically trying to claw my skin off because it is on fire. I ran a shower and had had enough chemistry to know to use soap to remove the oils from my skin. It took about a day for the entire reaction to go away.

It was a defining moment. Because until this point, I had been using oils, neat, on my baby’s skin. And he had no way of telling me how it felt. I hadn’t thought about the fact that it could have a negative reaction. So I went into Mama Bear research mode. And what I found surprised me. I was doing it all wrong. Oils had safety considerations. Expiration dates. Age Limits. Usage recommendations. I had never seen any of this.

Since then, I have taken every class I could afford to take to learn more about these incredible products we call Essential Oils. It’s like the perfect harmony between my love of medical science and my studies in Botany.

Finally, I took the plunge to become a Certified Aromatherapist. And rather than do it alone, I thought that I’d share what I’m learning with others. Like you! Recipes, tips, safety, new fun oils that you haven’t heard of.

So here we are. I hope you enjoy learning with me!

Thank you for joining me on this journey!