I haven’t disappeared!

Have you been looking for me?  I’m still here but I had to take a break from Lesson 2 because I was waiting on some supplies.  A couple new oils and some carriers.

And now that it’s October, the month is pretty much shot.  We have projects upon projects planned for the whole month.  In fact, my husband and I just got back from a weekend company retreat for his business.  I am the Social Media director for him and we were planning out the next six month’s worth of specials, sales, coupons, emails and ads.  It was nice having some dedicated time away from the kids to get it all done, but my aromatherapy has taken a back seat.  We have a long weekend of home projects next weekend, so not much time for studying then.

I will be doing some recipes for travel.  I’ll share them here so you can see what I use and pack.  It will be just in time for holiday traveling!

In the meantime, I wanted to tell you about this amazing diffuser!  I’ve ordered it last December and this thing is amazing.  I haven’t had great luck with diffusers.  My kids will knock them over, getting water into the mechanism or the plate on the bottom gets corroded or too much build-up.  This thing has taken all kinds of abuse – not being cleaned regularly being the biggest one.  I try to clean it every week or two by soaking it a few minutes in a 50-50 vinegar mixture as per the instructions but it doesn’t always happen.  It cleans up easily and keeps trucking.  AND the capacity on this thing is HUGE.  400mL (about 1 1/2 cups).  I use between 10-15 drops when it’s completely full, but that’s less than the instructions say is the max for completely full.  I don’t want an overpowering smell.  I use this in my kitchen and it clears the air from my cooking smells, nasty trash can (dirty diapers), laundry room musty smell and I can smell it about halfway through our house. When I run it on the lowest mist setting and it is completely full, it will go for a whole day.   The kids love it because it looks like a dinosaur egg.

I decided to tell you guys about this one today because on Friday, I tipped it over.  And it was FULL of water.  The motor flickered and died, most of the lights went off.  I was SO sad.  But, I shook out as much water as I could from the base and left it to dry all weekend while we were gone.  I tried it this morning and voila!  It works perfectly!  Lights are all on, mist settings all work.  Ahhh, I’m in love with this diffuser!

It’s a comparable price to diffusers with a much smaller capacity, so I think it’s a great deal.  And especially because this thing just keeps going.  It’s a great buy.  Pick it up and fall in love too!


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