I don’t have a diffuser, now what?

I talked about my love of diffusers.  They are so handy and safe for kids (as long as you use appropriate oils at an appropriate rate).

But if you don’t have a diffuser all hope is not lost!  There are some other options for inhalation that don’t involve plugging in a machine and filling it with water.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Lil’ Stinkers by Plant Therapy

Aren’t they so cute?  There’s three animals and each come with their own ‘signature’ scent.  I personally got them for therapeutic uses, but it would be good to gently freshen up a room.  It comes with a pouch and a safety case for a scent pad.  No worries about essential oils getting into the fabric of the pet or on fingers.

Aroma2Go has a similar product called Aroma Pets, but I got one and tried it and wasn’t as happy with it as the Lil’ Stinkers.  It does light up, but I didn’t feel like the lights were done well and the pouch for the scent pad wasn’t as secure.  It wasn’t bad, and if you needed something to act as a passive diffuser AND night light, it’s an option.

Diffuser Necklace



I love this!  I have one and use it all the time.  It’s great for an all-natural perfume and therapeutic benefits.  In fact, this week, I was walking around our little country grocery store with my locket at my nose so I could quit sneezing.  The wind and cold snap (turning on all the heaters) has my allergies in fits!  Absolutely perfect for emotional support throughout the day, as it’s just a gentle scent all day long to keep you uplifted.  I’ve used it for headaches, focus, immune support… Very handy.

Now, this is probably not something you’d use on your children, but never fear!  I have made very simple diffuser necklaces for my kids.  I simply made a flat, round pendant from air-dry clay (I used a lid as a guide for the pendant), poked a hole in it, stamped a little design on it and let it dry. I put a jump ring on the pendant and added it and a few beads to these cords  and Voila! Diffuser necklaces for each of my kids for less than $5 each.  We use these often for school for focus and calming.  You could totally make these for yourself too, but my crafting skills are not quite that good.

Other options:

Aroma Spheres

I received these as a gift when I enrolled for my certification.  They are so cute!  Just little balls of air-dry clay.  Some are stamped with designs.  I just put them in a pretty bowl and add oils when I need them.  When I don’t, they just look pretty!  Similar concept to a clay diffuser necklace, just not wearable.  Would be very easy to make yourself.


Reusing wax warmers

Once I dove into essential oils, I really didn’t have a use for my wax warmers anymore.  Or so I thought!  I simply cleaned them well, added a tablespoon of beeswax and a tablespoon of coconut oil and then when I turn it on, I add a drop or two of essential oil.  Yes, this heats up the essential oil, but it does not remove the therapeutic properties of the oil, as some internet myths claim.  Don’t microwave your oils, but warming them in wax above a small bulb won’t do you any harm.  The oil does not last long, so you do have to add oil every time you want to use it, but if you have a warmer or two lying around, this is a great way to repurpose them!

Cotton Balls

Ahh, never underestimate the lowly cotton ball.  Put a drop or two on a cotton ball and place where you need it.  Next to a pillow, on a desk, in a car.  Anywhere where you can get a gentle whiff.  A paper towel is also good if you need something that won’t roll around.  Just keep it away from where it might touch skin.


Shower Diffusion

When I really need respiratory help fast, I put a drop or two of essential oil (lately Fragonia) right on the shower shelf.  The water and steam from the shower help get it deep in my sinuses and I don’t have to worry about setting anything up.  Do a test drop somewhere inconspicuous because some oils (especially citrus) can be harmful to certain surfaces).
These are some ideas for passive diffusion.  Meaning, nothing is forcing the scent into the air, it is just naturally evaporating.  It’s great for freshening a room and therapeutic benefits alike!

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  1. Thanks for the article, I’ve been wondering about how to use essential oils in my old wax warmers lately.

    Anyway my youngest has a lovey that he can’t sleep without. It sings, so it has a pocket in it, already, for the singer thing, but what could I use to put essential oils in there without them getting all over the material? Sometimes I want something in there just to help him drift off, sometimes something more therapeutic when he’s sick or just feeling pitiful and needs a little essential oil help. I’d get one of the ones you suggested in the article, but he’s already in love with “Puppy.”


    1. essentially_new_blog says: Reply

      You could use something like a felt pad to soak up the oil and give it a scent. 🙂 It’ll have to be refreshed every couple of days, but just a drop or two will be enough since he sleeps with it.

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