Home Sweet (Clean) Home

So, you may have noticed my lack of recipes lately.

First, we went on an epic family vacation. 2 weeks aboard the beautiful Disney Wonder through the Panama Canal.

Then we got home, just in time to pack up and move into our temporary downsized home while we remodel and sell our current home, then build our new home.

Then, our tenants moved out and we decided to sell our rental house.

So, you know, normal stuff. 😂

Busy is an understatement.

But today’s recipe is my latest success story with essential oils.

Our tenants left the house clean, but they had a dog and it was obvious when you walked in the house.  When you opened the door, you kinda looked around for the dog because the smell hit you in the face.

So todays’s recipe is all about how to deodorize your home and make it smell homey and clean.

Lemon (Citrus x limon) is one of the best deodorizes. It kills microbes in there air and on the surface and most people associate the smell with ‘clean’.

Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) is a warm, yummy smell. It’s the smell that makes you want to pull up a chair and stay a while.

Put those two powerhouses together and you get something that smells a little like sugar cookies and a lot like Home Sweet Home. Perfect for selling a home or making your own home smell fresh.

I used this recipe in 4 different ways. You could make it 5 very easily, I just didn’t have the right supplies with me to do it.

First, deodorize the carpet. Most of your smell is held in the carpet and other soft surfaces. So I sprinkled baking soda all over the carpet and left it overnight. If you wanted to, and you didn’t have to worry about people walking on it, put 3-5 drops of this recipe per small box. This is not properly diluted for topical use, so just use plain baking soda if people will be around it. Leave overnight if possible and vacuum.

Step two, deodorize the air. There are two ways to do this, depending on the severity. It sounds crazy but boiling vinegar is the most effective way to get bad smells out of the air. Burnt popcorn? Boil vinegar. Vomit? Boil vinegar. It smells like pickles for a bit, but once that is gone, so is the nasty odor. I boiled my binegat with about 10 drops of this recipe. Almost a full gallon. The smell was bad and in a smallish home it was stifling.

If your odors aren’t that bad, you can just boil water with 5-10 drops of this recipe. Just a gentle air freshener. I did this after the vinegar just to make sure it was super clean smelling.

Step 3(or 4) – deodorize carpets part 2. My carpets smelled better, but I needed a little more. So I got a small water bottle (the ones you can get for $1 in the hair section), filled it about 1/3 with isopropyl alcohol, added 5 drops of this recipe and the filled the rest with water. Shake well and spray the carpet liberally. I did this twice.

Step… whatever – closets and bathrooms.  I took a paper towels and put 3 drops of this recipe and put one in each closet in the back. Just so they didn’t smell so musty. For the bathrooms, I put a couple of drops of lemon in the toilet to sit and deodorize from there.

Last step – filters. I liberally sprinkled the air filters with this recipe. It isn’t strong, just enough fresh scent to keep the house smelling nice.


So far, so good. No noticeable dog smell. It smells faintly like baking. I will probably keep adding oils to the filter and spray the carpets with the alcohol mixture every few days until it sells.

This recipe is kidsafe with the current batch of vanilla oleoresin.  But, if you have an older batch, check the label.  Some constituents were not at kidsafe levels for the bottle I have.  Just as my own personal safety for kids, I do not like to use oleoresins or absolutes topically on kids.  The oleoresins don’t dilute as easily and the absolutes can have some harsher solvents in them.  Perfectly safe for diffusing (passive for oleoresins as they can gum up your diffuser).  Just a little safety tidbit from me.  It’s probably more conservative than other aromatherapists, but my kiddos have super sensitive skin so I err on the side of caution.

Happy Home Freshening!

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