Holiday Blends


I got these in the mail last week.  It was just a good oily mail day.  I kinda felt like I was cheating because I’m in school to learn how to blend stuff on my own, you know?  But, Plant Therapy came out with a KidSafe Holiday blend set (most holiday-type blends are not safe for kids) and I just had to try it.  I couldn’t really pick one so I got the whole set and patiently (kinda) waited.

Guys.  Go get some.  Get the set.  Get one.  Just go.  They are so delicious!  They aren’t overly “Christmas-y”, but homey and nice.  The Christmas Tree blend is definitely very pine-y, but that’s what you’d expect.  I was going to use that one around our (very fake) Christmas tree.  It’s not my favorite, but my husband loves pine stuff, so he’ll really enjoy it.  As for me, I haven’t yet been able to pick my favorite from the other two.  They are both scrumptious, but differently.  Merry Mistletoe has a very grounding, homey smell, and Snow Flurries has hints of citrus.  Those two will probably be going all year long.  Mistletoe will be good for stress-relief and illness recuperation.  Flurries is great for boosting the immune system and fighting germs.  The Christmas Tree blend will also be great for those inevitable colds and flu during the winter months.  Those conifers are great for respiratory health!  So, your house will smell great, you are getting something that won’t hurt your babies, and health benefits as well!  No candle can say that!

These would also be GREAT blends for those DIY gifts you were thinking of making – like scented lip balm or bath salts!

So, get yourself an early Christmas present and enjoy these blends.

There is also a non-KidSafe set that looks delightful.  But I haven’t tried it because, well, I live in a house full of small children.  So, I will live vicariously through you.  If you don’t have small children running around, get it and tell me how much you love it!

Happy Diffusing!

*** Note: Please be a polite diffuser.  Do not diffuse when guests are over in case they have any sensitivities to the oils in the blends.  Diffuse up to 30 minutes before they arrive.  You can also do a more passive diffusion, like aroma beads or diffuser jewelry or even linen spray as it is less potent in the air.***

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