Good Friday Diffuser Recipe


Today, Christians celebrate Good Friday.  The day Christ was crucified. Which does not sound like a good any day.  But that was the day our debt was paid, and on Sunday we celebrate the day the battle was won.

Today is a day of reflection and gratitude for my family. I wanted to create a blend that was meaningful and promoted that sense of meditation.

Good Friday Diffuser Blend

1 drop Spikenard (Nardostachys jatamansi)

3 drops Frankincense frereana (Boswelia frereana)

2 drops Blue Spruce (Tsuga canadensis)


Spikenard is the oil that Mary poured on Jesus’s feet.  Frankincense is an incense that was used in the temple by the High Priest.  And I used Black Spruce to signify the wood that He was nailed to (you could substitute with any wood like Cedarwood, Pine, Fir, etc).

It is a lovely blend. Something indescribable about it that does ground the mind and also reminds me of beautiful things. Perfectly appropriate for such a day.

Note: Spikenard is not always recommended for children, but a small dose in a diffuser for a short period of time (an hour or two) will be ok.  Topical is more concerning for this oil. 

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