Friday Favorites! – Convenient Wellness

On Fridays, I’m going to highlight some of my favorite products for Aromatherapy, maybe throw in some others for kicks every once in a while.  But these will always be products I use and love.  Not stuff someone has just paid  for my good word.  Besides, no one really knows much about my little corner of the blogging universe, so I don’t exactly have advertisers beating down my door trying to get me to say something nice.  These are products I have bought and used myself and love them.

This week, we are focusing on wellness and convenience.  Considering I haven’t had at least 1 facebook friend every day for the last month say that someone in their house is down with some sort of bug, I’d say this is well, convenient.

This is the Kidsafe Wellness 6 Oil Roller Bottle Set

I have all of these.  At first, I bought the full-strength bottles and made the rollers myself.  2 problems with that: 1) Roller bottles you purchase on Amazon or elsewhere tend to leak and the labels come off too easily, and 2) this is not convenient.  I almost exclusively use Immune Boom, Tummy All Better, and Sniffle Stopper in roller bottles.  Why buy the oil and the leaky bottles when it will take me several months and a messy counter to use them up?  So, I got wise and bought these.  When they are empty, I will use my full-strength oil (4-5 drops) and fractionated coconut oil to refill them.  But I’ll have a great label, a leak-proof roller bottle, and I know that I love it.  I didn’t use to use Germ Destroyer as a roller, but it’s a great hand cleanser for my purse.  Properly diluted and everything.  Nothing worse than leaky essential oils in your purse.

Anyways, just a quick post today to let you know about this set.  They have a smaller sampler set, but it does not include Skin Soother (excellent for winter dry patches and eczema), Nighty Night, and Tummy All Better.  And let’s face it, with all these illnesses going around, you know you’ll want those two.

Pick it up here, and if you google “Plant Therapy Coupon”, you can find their daily 10% off coupon!  And free shipping!  Win!

Hoping for Wellness!


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