Fragonia Bath


Fragonia 5 mL

Besides Opopanax, Fragonia might be my favorite oil name to say.

While we were on our fabulous vacation, my kids’ allergies did not get the notice that we were there to have fun.  We had successfully managed allergies at home, and I figured that the salty sea air would do them good.  And it did.  But, since our sleeping quarters were not open-air, the kids’ allergies gave them fits at night.

I had to break down and buy some OTC meds on board because my youngest developed a croupy cough and couldn’t sleep and I didn’t bring my entire oil arsenal to work with.

On the last day, my 4-year-old developed a slight cough and hoarseness.  She still hasn’t kicked it, so last night, I did a bath treatment.

Bath treatments are relatively easy to do and I do them at least once a week for my kids.  Either to keep them well or to nip any illness in the bud.  It’s relaxing for them and easy for me to do without having to mix up a lot of products for just a short-term problem.

If they are really sick with achy-ness and soreness, I will also add Epsom salts to the bath.  Works like a charm.  It is for muscle soreness so I use it for general aches as well as cramping stomachs from a stomach bug or indigestion.  Since it’s in the bath, it will work pretty much anywhere on the body.

Here’s some safety info for bath treatments.  You don’t need much.  Usually I do 2-3 drops of oil, total.  And you must dilute it in a carrier oil first.  Oil and water do not mix, so just dropping it into the bath is a big no-no.  My typical method is to fill my palm with fractionated coconut oil and drop 2 drops of the oil(s) in my palm and then rinse off my palm into the running bath water.  I’ll usually add another palm-ful of oil to make sure it’s properly diluted.  FCO is not a super nourishing oil, but as most of it goes down the drain and it’s always liquid, it works well for this application.

And now, Fragonia.  I chose fragonia because it is safe for kids and because it smells delightful. A slightly woody, but still floral scent and just a hint of citrus.  It has a very wide range of benefits because it has almost equal parts of chemicals from 3 major families, which is rare among oils.  The chemical family I was using today was monoterpenes to promote clear breathing.

This one would also be good for a steam for a congested child (or adult!) as well.  Simply boil water then let it sit in a bowl to cool for 1-2 minutes.  Once the steam is at a more comfortable temperature, add 1 drop to the bowl and cover your head with a towel while you breathe deeply over the bowl for about 1 minute.  Uncover your head for a few fresh breaths and then repeat for another minute.  The 1 drop thing is important.  Using more is not better as too strong of a scent actually causes the receptors to close up as protection, which defeats the purpose.  And since these oils are going onto a mucous membrane, they are entering the bloodstream very rapidly and you don’t need much to have a strong effect.

I hope this is helpful as we are barreling into cold season!  Fragonia is also good for achy muscles, promotes relaxation, and is helpful for hormonal skin.  It’s a very useful oil to have on hand!  Remember to keep it in the fridge to prolong it’s shelf life.

Happy Soaking!


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