Essential Oils Guide App

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Tired of trying to keep track of what oils are used for what? What oils are safe? Needing a way to find the best oils to buy? This app has 75 of the most popular oils and includes safety information and uses for physical and emotional ailments! Designed by Lindsay, a Certified Aromatherapist, this app has all the information you need, right at your fingertips!

So why did I create this app when there are plenty on the market?  Well, during my Aromatherapy Certification, I really wanted a way to keep the most common oils and their uses at my fingertips.  I just can’t take my 3-inch binder with me everywhere.  But the apps on the market did not focus on safety and they pushed a certain brand.  I do not use just one brand of oils and I’m really particular about safe usage, so I decided that I needed to make my own app.  I personally gathered information from several expert resources for each of these oils so you can use your oil stash confidently and safely.  

Here are some screenshots from the app – simple and easy to use:

You can get the app for just $1.99 right now!

(This app is not intended to diagnose, treat, or, cure any ailment or disease.)