Oh, I just love diffusers!  I have one in every bedroom, our school room, the kids’ bathroom, and my kitchen/dining room.  So, basically, all but one room.  Ha!  They are the workhorse of my aromatherapy use.  I love just dropping something in and letting it go.  I wanted to share a few diffusers that I’ve used and love.  I’ve tried several that I’m not in love with, either because they are difficult to use or clean, or they break after just a short while.  Diffusers aren’t always cheap, and I want them to work!

So, here are some of my favorites:


“Dottie” from Aroma2Go

This thing is a beast.  Holds up to 400mL of water (about a cup and a half) and runs All. Day. Long.  I usually set it on the lowest mist settings and it just goes and goes and goes.  The kids also love the “Dinosaur Egg” and the color changing lights are fun.  I’ve had one for over a year.  It runs a few times a week, gets cleaned about every other week, and just keeps chugging along.  I even tipped it over and got water in the base, but let it dry and it’s still going.  Seriously, this is the one to get if you need to fill a large space.  It says you can put up to 10 drops per 100mL in it, but I have never used that much.  I usually use 10 drops if it’s completely full.  More than that and the scent is just too much for me.



“Gaius” from Aroma2Go

Isn’t this one purty?!  I got this one for my bedroom.  I didn’t really have a good place to ‘hide’ a diffuser and, frankly, I wanted something pretty to look at.  I got this beauty and it’s even prettier in person.  It’s a little more complicated to fill because of the glass shade, but not much more so.  Misting options are limited, but that’s not a huge deal breaker for me since I really only use this in the evenings when the kiddos are in bed.  The glass is thick and sturdy, so no worries about accidentally breaking it (though I wouldn’t recommend dropping it…).  It’s been chugging along for 5 months without a hitch.  This one does not hold a lot of water, and only takes 2 drops of essential oil, so keep that in mind.  It’s better for a smaller space or short-term use in a slightly larger space.


Innogear Aromatherapy Diffuser

This is what I use in my kids’ bedrooms.  It’s small, only holds 100 mL and 2 drops of oil, but it’s perfect for them.  The wider base keeps it stable and it is super easy to refill.  The lid is two parts, but the inner part locks into the outer part for putting it on.  Easy peasy.  It also comes with little measuring cups for water!  Handy!  These have been used a lot the last few months due to illness and allergies and they start up every time.  Since I primarily use these at night, I like the that light is a separate button so I don’t keep the kiddos up longer than necessary.  The lights are nice, color changing.  Would be good as a nightlight in a bathroom.  You can set it to rotate through colors or pick one to stay on.  There are 2 mist settings.  Simple, easy to use, and durable.


GreenAir SpaVapor

This is one of the first diffusers I ever bought.  Probably close to 2 years ago.  It seems super cheap when you pull it out of the box.  It is really lightweight plastic.  But this thing just goes and goes.  I feel like this one gets dirtier faster than my others, but it’s pretty easy to clean and get going again.  It has lights like the InnoGear above that will rotate or you can set to a certain color.  This is the one I use in the kids’ bathroom as a nightlight.  This one holds more than the InnoGear and will take 4 drops of essential oil.


There you have it.  My 6 diffusers.  I love them all!  I’ll talk next time about some alternative options for diffusing.

What’s in your diffuser today?

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