Lesson 2 – Sesquiterpenes!

Another chemistry lesson. Did you ever imagine that chemistry would be so fun?!! Sesquiterpenes are another class of chemicals with only carbons – 15 to be exact. No other molecules are included.  Where monoterpenes had very distinctive effects, sesquiterpenes do not. Most of them are anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiseptic, and antispasmodic, but other characteristics are dependant […]

Monoterpenes! (aka: Lesson 1)

Lesson 1 in Aromahead’s certification course was focused on understanding some of the science behind what we’re learning – absorption, reading a GC/MS report, taxonomy, chemotypes, Latin names, and we started Chemical families!  Most of it came pretty easy because I took LOTS of this for Botany.  But the organic chemistry was still as foreign as I […]