Beat That Virus!

So much sickness going around!  I’ve given a few recipes for warding off sickies, but what do you do when you are sick?

Well, my favorite solution is a nice, hot bath with either Epsom or Himalayan salts.

So this recipe is for making a batch of bath salts.  This should last 3-4 baths.  I personally like a LOT of salt in my bath, so I add about an ounce of these and then add more plain salt to the bath.

Beat That Virus!
Bath Salt Recipe

4 oz Himalayan or Epsom salts
2 tsp jojoba oil/wax
5 drops of Frankincense (Boswelia frereana)
4 drops Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia)
3 drops Mandarin (Citrus reticulata)
2 drops Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus)
2 drops Black Spruce (Picea mariana)

Mix the oils into the jojoba and the mix the jojoba into the salts.  Use about 1 oz per bath.

This blend is NOT safe for children, check the subs below for child-safe ideas!


You can use any liquid-at-room-temperature carrier oil.  I usually switch between Fractionated Coconut Oil and Jojoba.  You can also use olive oil or whatever liquid oil you have on hand.

Any frankincense you have (carterii or serrata – serrata isn’t always safe for kids) will work, or Opopanax will work as a sub.

You can use Ho Wood for Lavender

Any citrus will work for Mandarin, Blood or Sweet Orange, Bergamot, or Yuzu for calming, Lemon, Grapefruit, or Lime for uplifting and energy.

You can use Eucalyptus dives in place of E. globulus, or you can sub Tea Tree

Any Pine, Fir, or Spruce will work for Black Spruce.

I hope this helps when you are down with sickies.  This can be made ahead of time and stored in a glass jar, ready for when those germs hit!

Bubble, bubble!


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