Aching Body Bath Salts

My sweet family of 6 has been going down like dominoes with the flu and each of us has been getting it a little differently.  My youngest daughter was second after my husband and she ran a really hot fever and had a runny nose.  My oldest daughter has had several fevers, not terribly hot, but she aches all over.  My baby boy just succumbed and he has a runny nose and croup.

In our house, we help our fevers along by trying to heat our bodies as fast as possible when the fever is rising and cooling it off when it breaks.  Fevers are there for a reason and so we do not treat them with medicines unless the heat or accompanying pain is interrupting sleep.

This bath is perfect for when the body is starting to feel achy.  Do the bath temperature depending on where you are in the fever cycle – very warm for a rising fever, lukewarm for a breaking fever.

All of these options are designed for 1 oz of bath salts – you can multiply the recipe as much as you’d like.  I keep a large container of ‘naked’ salts with oil so I can measure out what I need and add the oils for the situation.  Very handy!

Base Salt Recipe
1 oz salts – I love Epsom salts for achy muscles and calming before bed, but pink Himalayan salts are good too.
1 tsp liquid oil – I like Fractionated Coconut oil.  Always liquid, thin, won’t clog the pipes once you drain the tub.  Jojoba or grapeseed would be another good choice.
2 drops of essential oil

Add 1 oz of the mixture to your bath and soak.

Here are some options to add to your bath.  I love blending my own, but when there’s sickness in the house, I use more of my pre-blended synergies because they are handy.  I will mix for specific things (like flu-induced joint pain), but for simple things, I like synergies.

A note about oils in the bath: Hot water can exacerbate a skin-irritating reaction, even if the oil is properly diluted.  So this is not the place to add irritating oils like cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, rosemary, or peppermint.  Or any other oils that have a very low recommended max topical dilution.

Oil Options
Germ Destroyer (safe for kids) – good for just getting those germs gone, first sign of illness
Sniffle Stopper (safe for kids) – great for cold and flu sniffles
Fragonia (safe for kids over 3) – ‘Eucalyptus’ that’s safe for kids.  Can be irritating on sensitive skin so do a test patch.  Does include some components that can trigger asthma.  Doesn’t affect mine, but do a little test sniff if you have asthma.  Really good for respiratory concerns – sniffles, congestion
Cedarwood (safe for kids) – great for coughing.  My boys get croup when they get sniffles and this kicks it every time.  It’s magical and one I never run out of.
Lavender (safe for kids) – blend this with Cedarwood for a very calming bedtime bath.  Yum.  Kicks the coughing and sends them off to sleepyland.  Win-win!
Marjoram (safe for kids) – warming but not irritating.  Excellent for aches and pains.  My go-to pain oil.
Geranium (safe for kids) – also a really good oil for soreness and pain.  Blend with marjoram for some serious pain relief.

Let me know if you need something else for your bath arsenal!  These are the ones I use most often.

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